June 15, 2024

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What Is the Purpose of Broaching?

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With the wide variety of industrial manufacturing techniques available, it isn’t easy to discern the distinctions between different types. If you require mass-produced parts to meet your production requirements or you’re thinking of adding a new manufacturing line for your business, broaching is an excellent option. Miller Broach can help you with any broaching service or requirements, from specialist components to complete machine repair and maintenance services.

The Broaching Process

Broaching is a process of manufacturing created to produce custom precise parts at very high speed. There is a variety of broaching equipment. However, they all employ tools that remove a specific quantity of materials from the machined or blank part. Based on the type of broach used, the process may result in a circular hole, an irregular exterior shape keyway, or other odd designs.

Similar to shaping, reaming, and milling, broaching is a specific, precise manufacturing process. Every broach machine is created to drill an individual hole with excellent efficiency, speed, and precision. The machining method of broaching is quite competitive, especially when it comes to soft metals and plastic components.

There are a few instances in which broach machines may exhibit less effectiveness. Hard metals may require periodic tool conditioning, and each specialized cut needs a new one. This could be a problem if your business needs to be equipped with the capacity to rebuild and fabricate the broach equipment. Fortunately, a reputable broaching service can help you with the modifications and routine maintenance you require.

Broaching Machines Categories

Broaching machines can be built to be used for almost any kind of machining. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the type of machine used in conjunction with its intended use. Here are some most popular categories:

  • Internal
  • External
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Linear
  • Vertical

The two main distinguishing characteristics are the external and internal. For starters, internal broaches pull or push the broach tool through an opening. The most famous illustration of an internal one can is a keyway. A broaching machine manufactures most keyways because of its effectiveness and high-quality devices.

Vertical broaching is a machining process used to produce internal or external features on a workpiece, typically with high precision and efficiency. In vertical broaching, a Table up broaching machine is employed to perform the operation.

Common Industries and Applications

Broaching is a well-known and highly successful method that is used across a variety of industries. Here are some of the sectors that are typically working with broaching equipment and services:

  • Gears and fasteners
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing in the industrial sector
  • Oil and gas
  • Heavy equipment
  • Automotive

From the most modern nuts and bolts to specific aerospace components, broaching machines are versatile enough to be used in many industries and offer dependable accuracy for everyday production.

However, maintenance is essential if you are broaching rigid materials or operating broach machines for an extended period of time. Many manufacturing facilities operate inefficiently because of malfunctioning machines or damaged tools. The resultant downtime can cause real problems that negatively impact your business’s overall quality and efficiency. It’s essential to maintain and run your devices at their peak efficiency to achieve optimal results.

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